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Lisa Schroeder

Lisa Schroeder,
President and CEO

Jack R. McGinley Jr.

John R. McGinley Jr.,
Chair, Board of Directors


Community is a Verb

by Lisa Schroeder, President and CEO 

and John R. McGinley Jr., Chair, Board of Directors

In this video introduction of the 78th annual report of The Pittsburgh Foundation to the greater Pittsburgh region, President Lisa Schroeder and Board Chair John R. McGinley Jr. review the many ways in 2022-2023 that the Foundation acted in community with donors, grantees and civic partners to advance the goal of improving quality of life across southwestern Pennsylvania.

They offer an overview of the programs, initiatives and partnerships that advance the Foundation’s strategic plan, which went into action this year to realize a vision of a greater Pittsburgh that is vibrant, equitable and just. The stories offered in this report show how the Foundation is activating community to support everyone — regardless of race, identity or circumstance — to thrive and fulfill their potential.

As McGinley relates in this introduction, the Foundation operates hyper-locally, and it strives to respond quickly to problems and opportunities. While “community” is not in the Foundation’s name, he says, “we are a community foundation. It is at the heart of what we do.”